Facial Rejuvenation – Especially for Men

Many men turn to facial rejuvenation procedures to achieve a younger facial appearance. Procedures such as Botox® injections and laser skin resurfacing can be used for men who have minor concerns; while a full facial rejuvenation or facelift may be desirable for men who need an overall improvement. The RoxSpa practitioners are also very experience with laser hair removal for those unwanted areas throughout the body to suit your individualized needs.


At the RoxSpa, about 30% of our clients are men. Some of the common treatments these men ask for are:

  • Laser Hair Removal of the back, chest and neck
  • Botox® injections on the forehead
  • ACCENT YOUR BODY™ treatments for love handles, beer bellies and excess fat and skin under the chin and neck area
  • Chemical peels to improve the facial complexion
  • Pixel laser skin resurfacing of the face to treat acne scars and sun damage and restore a more youthful look