Opus Plasma

Opus plasma is a next generation technology effective for resurfacing and tightening the skin non-surgically. It can address a wide range of concerns and leave your skin rejuvenated and enhanced. Opus may be administered on all parts of the body, depending on the patient’s goals. Patients love that Opus is not only very effective, but also safe for use all throughout the face, including the eyes and lips.

Common conditions treated with Opus include:

  • Poor skin texture and quality
  • Fine lines
  • Dissatisfactory texture of scars
  • Mild skin laxity
  • Photo-aging

How Opus works:

Opus is a high caliber laser that emits radio-frequency. When in close contact with the skin at atmospheric pressure, plasma is created. All together, micro-injuries and pores are created in the skin to induce collagen production and the skin’s natural healing process. Furthermore, the novel radio-frequency technology penetrates to deeper layers beneath the skin to effectively incite new skin growth and produce a more youthful appearance.

What to expect during and after your treatment:

Our providers will discuss what you hope to achieve with your treatments and decide which hand piece and settings will deliver your goals. Most patients find the procedure to be very tolerable with topical anesthetic. Typically, patients report feeling tightness and warmth. The length of treatment varies depending on the area being treated. Following, our providers will equip you with a plan for post-treatment care.
Downtime is a few days of redness and possible irritation. Patients are instructed to avoid the sun as much as possible and always use some form of UV protectant. Additionally, patients should avoid using harsh products, such as retinols and hyaluronic acid, during the recovery period. Patients will start to see improvements approximately 1 week following their treatment. Although there will be significant improvement after just 1 treatment, the most effective results are seen after 3 treatments.

Check out a ROXSpa’s patient and her experience having Opus laser treatment: