Sclerotherapy (a series a small injections) can be used to treat both varicose and spider veins. The procedure treats only those veins that are currently visible; it does nothing to permananty alter the venous system or prevent new veins from surfacing in the future. The procedure is simple and quick. A tiny needle is used to inject the veins with a medication that irritates the lining of the vein. Over a short time, in response to the irritation, the vein shuts down and is reabsorbed. The blood from the closed vein is rerouted to properly working veins, restoring correct circulation. You may need one to several Sclerotherapy sessions for any vein region, and the number of injections varies per session. Generally, normal activities can be resumed after Sclerotherapy. Medical grade compression stockings (20-30mmHg) need to be worn for one week after each treatment to assist in resolution of the veins.